An Introduction to Ariake, Tokyo

The Meaning of Ariake

Ariake (有明、ありあけ) is an area in Tokyo, Japan.

It is a part of Tokyo Waterfront Secondary City Center, adjacent to Odaiba.

In Japanese, the word "Ariake" means "Daybreak", "Dawn", "Cockcrow", which is the symbol of "the expectation of a new day".

The History of Ariake

Ariake was reclaimed by the Tokyo Bay Offshore Expansion Project since 1931.

Ariake was lumberyard, golf course, tennis park and warehouse before it designated as Tokyo Waterfront Secondary City Center.

Tokyo Secondary City Center


Ariake is designated as Tokyo Waterfront Secondary City Center since 1986.

Special Zone for Asian Headquarters


Ariake is the "Special Zone for Asian Headquarters", which received designation by the national government in 2011 as a Comprehensive Special Zone for International Competitiveness.

National Strategic Special Zone


The huge commercial and residential complex Ariake Garden has been designated as National Strategic Special Zone certified project. "National Strategic Special Zone" which is designated by the national government aims to make the area into one of the centers in Tokyo that will help boost the city’s international business and innovation by giving priority to advancing structural reform of the economic system.

Tokyo Bay Area Vision

Ariake is in a Re-development Plan designated by Tokyo metropolitan government to drive the Japan's sustainable economic growth after the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games in 2019.

Tokyo Development Master Plan

Ariake is designated as the Core Area of Tokyo in the Tokyo Development Master Plan published by the Bureau of Urban Development, Tokyo Metropolitan Government in 2020.